SMA Combo - Sunny Island/Sunny Boy

The ultimate in off grid technology by German Manufacturer, SMA. This combination of Sunny Island and Sunny Boy (yes you need both) is unbeatable.

The engine room of any off grid system is the battery pack and these SMA Inverter/chargers will manage your  batteries in the best way possible, With fully programmable bulk and float  charge voltages plus absorption charge times of up to 12 hours, plus the Si will auto start your generator at a % charge set point and a load set point. Unbeatable.

     We can supply these systems pre commissioned, which means "plug & play". Why don't you check with us today, for a free, no obligation quote?

 EP Solar , UP Series Hybrid , Off Grid , Inverter/Chargers

We have these in 2.4Kw - 4Kw with built in 60A - 100A MPPT, DC from the solar array and 30A AC Chargers, from the generator or mains power.

Manufactured by EP Solar, this is a top of the range Chinese made, all in one box, Inverter/charger, from the same manufacturer as the renowned "Tracer"  charge controllers.

A lot of bang for your buck.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter

A well priced, reliable option for your caravan or house bus.

Produced by Tingen, the sine wave is excellent and these units will run all sensitive electronic gear. The high surge current capability with a soft start function make these units hard to beat  for Pure Sine Wave Inverters.

Available from 300W, up to 8Kw capacity, in 12V-48V. 


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