Huawei Luna 2000 Lithium Hybrid System

             A Game Changer from Huawei

Scalable from 5kw - 30Kw, this Inverter/battery system from Internationally renowned electronics engineering company, Huawei, can be setup for grid tie with increased self consumption or with the back up module, grid tied and off grid, when black outs occur. The system can also be used in a completely off grid function.

          Huawei String Inverter Sun2000.

    Available from 2.0Kw to 6Kw and fully compatible        with the LUNA 2000 battery system.

  • It’s a “battery ready” inverter at an affordable price.
  • It can connect to the Luna 2000 battery system, plus other battery systems, such as LG Chem.
  • We can install it without optimisers for affordability as a standard string inverter – like Fronius.
  • We can selectively install optimisers on shaded panels only – like Tigo
  • Or, we can optimise all panels.
  • It’s got an inbuilt IV curve tester – like nothing before!

        Peace of Mind When Black Outs Occur

   The Huawei back up box can deliver power,        seemlessly, when black outs occur, as it switches to "off grid mode", instantly . Then when mains power is restored, the back up box re-connects to the grid, without any manual adjustments. There is some re-wiring on the switch board necessary to allow for the "islanding" of your PV system, but this is just a minor issue for your electrician to configure.

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Sungrow Hybrid Inverter

SH5K+ Grid-Connected Hybrid Inverter.

  • For new and existing systems.
  • Compatible with both lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.
  • Integrated high-frequency isolated battery charge/discharge circuit with the voltage of 48 V and maximum charge/discharge current of 65 A.
  • Protection rating at IP65 (dust-proof and water-proof).
  • Off-grid emergency power supply with the capacity of 3000 W in battery mode