Passivated Emitter Rear Cell (PERC)

UL - 310M - 60 Black .   UL - 315M - 60 Silver Solar Panel.

We have a new shipment of these new technology panels, arriving soon and believe that they have a considerable advantage over our previous Poly panels, especially if space is a serious consideration.

UL - 310M - 60, available in "Black/Black" (black frame and black backing sheet). These panels not only look really sharp, but have the "Ulica" brand guaranteed performance to match.

Less expensive installation costs and higher performance make these PERC panels the must have for your new PV projects.


UL - 315M - 60, available in "Silver White", (silver frame with white backing sheet). Guaranteed performance, year after year with the Ulica 12 year product warranty and the 25 year lineal warranty from Chubb (Netherland) Solar Insurance.

Note that the "Silver White" has a slightly higher output than the "Black Black" and we are happy to discuss this with you to ensure your PV project meets  your requirements.


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