SMA Stand Alone Power Systems.

 Sunny Boy DC MPPT Charger And AC Inverter.

The SMA system requires 2 inverters, the 1st being the Sunny Boy unit.This has the MPPT charging capability to allow the Sunny Island, the 2nd and DC plus AC,  systems management, Inverter/Charger, to charge the batteries, but it can also supply power directly to the loads from the PV array, as it is also an AC Inverter. This means less work for the batteries, conserving power, for when it is needed most. When there is no sun.

Sunny Island DC Inverter/Charger.

The Sunny Island is the systems manager and takes the PV voltage and current from the Sunny Boy and either directs it to the load(s) and charges the batteries or just charges the batteries if there is no load present. Once the batteries are fully charged, load diversion software can make full use of any power available. These systems are "SMART SYSTEMS."

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